Weekly Money Club
The Weekly Money Club Bonus will increase based on the player’s deposits, up to a bonus of 400 €/$!
Weekly Money Club
Win or lose, your deposits and wagers are going to pay off every week!
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Opt in to the Weekly Money Club and we will reward you with an up to 400 €/$ Free Bonus when you make one or more deposits during the previous week (Monday through Sunday).

Here’s how:

  • Deposit a total of 50 €/$ or more between Monday and Sunday.
  • Play any of your favorite casino games.
  • Get your Weekly Reward every Monday! (5 €/$ minimum Bonus guaranteed)
  • Start looking forward to Mondays like never before!

Terms & Conditions

The Weekly Money Club Appreciation Bonus is calculated for the seven days starting on Monday, 00:01 and ending on Sunday, 23:59 (UTC time) and will be credited on Monday. In exceptional cases, the bonus may be delayed and will be granted within 72 hours of this time.

To be eligible to receive the Weekly Appreciation Reward, a player must deposit 50 €/$ or more during the relevant seven days period.

Players meeting the minimum deposit requirement of 50 €/$ or more during the relevant seven day period will receive a Reward bonus of at least 5 €/$.

The weekly Money Club Bonus will increase based on the player’s gaming activity (aggregated bets) up to a bonus of 400 €/$.

Please find the details below:

  • 50 - 99 €/$, for 5 €/$ Bonus
  • 100 - 299 €/$, for 10 €/$ Bonus
  • 300 - 499 €/$, for 25 €/$ Bonus
  • 500 - 799 €/$, for 35 €/$ Bonus
  • 800 - 999 €/$, for 50 €/$ Bonus
  • 1,000 - 1,499 €/$, for 75 €/$ Bonus
  • 1,500 - 1,999 €/$, for 100 €/$ Bonus
  • 2,000 - 2,999 €/$, for 150 €/$ Bonus
  • 3,000 - 3,999 €/$, for 200 €/$ Bonus
  • 4,000 - 4,999 €/$, for 300 €/$ Bonus
  • 5,000 €/$ + , for 400 €/$ Bonus

Player must wager his total deposits at least 5 times to be eligible for the weekly bonus.

Bonus must be wagered 40 times before a withdrawal may be made. Wagering contributions apply and vary by game. 7 days will be given to wager the bonus.

You need to activate this bonus within 3 days. If you fail to activate it, the bonus will expire.

The bonus is available for players who have already used all the welcome package bonuses or made in total at least 4 deposits.


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